Watch Moodle Grow and Blossom


Moodlers around the world are currently exploring the latest release of our open-source LMS, Moodle 3.7. Behind the scenes, many developers worldwide over many years have written thousands of lines of code to produce the high quality LMS we enjoy today.

Moodle: a growing and evolving project

Since the beginning in 2002, when our CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas released its very first version, Moodle has grown and evolved thanks to the contribution to development, translation and support of hundreds of people around the world. 

Today, we want to share a very visual representation of the growth of Moodle over the past 17 years. Gource is a program which displays software projects as an animated tree with the root directory at the very centre, while directories appear as branches with files as leaves.

Look at our ‘Moodle tree’ and literally watch the developers’ work over the years!

Watch how in 2002 it is literally only CEO and Founder of Moodle, Martin Dougiamas, creating code, and then gradually more contributors get involved. You’ll see many past and current HQ team members there, and of course members of our community of developers without whom this open-source project wouldn’t have grown and blossomed as much as it has!

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