I’ve Seen The Future Of Learning And It’s Revenue NSW. Jinnine Ridge At MoodleMoot Australia 2018

Source: https://www.moodlenews.com/2018/ive-seen-the-future-of-learning-and-its-revenue-nsw-jinnine-ridge-at-moodlemoot-australia-2018/

Surprisingly early, Moodle HQ has released videos for 13 talks held just last month in Brisbane, for MoodleMoot Australia 2018. And to get started, a bold relocation initiative by the New South Wales Office of State Revenue and State Debt Recovery, rebranded to Revenue NSW, which served as a jumping board for a deep reskilling project.
80 blended Moodle courses across 4 modules were developed over the course of 9 months. The open source LMS was chosen for its reporting capabilities and easy integration with Revenue NSW HR management system.
Collaborative environments were a key asset from the project’s onset. The planning and development stage was substantial, with three stages of needs identification to criteria development, followed by several Learning and Assessment Plans (per module), with quality reviews and internal audits throughout. At the end of the process, the staff involved will also become certified instructional designers.
Some 34 stakeholders had input on the development process, which took place on the Confluence software. SCORM packages were created and designed using Evolve Authoring.
The attention to detail did not spare the Moodle interface, Ridge’s main point of contention with the open source LMS. Custom development went into the “Moodle Platform Revenue Community,” which added a sensibly clean layout to the “Boost” base and a high-contrast, corporate branding palette.
New courses will be introduced in the coming weeks.

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