Moodle Desktop 3.5 Now Supports Vimeo, Course Profile Images and More Plugins


The rejuvenated Moodle apps (formerly Moodle Mobile) looks and functionality are now available to all desktops and tablets, from Windows and Mac to Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian Linux.

A new interface that brings students closer to the interactivity with redesigned, smarter menus; a more dashing and informed experience thanks to profile or “cover” images for courses; and increased compatibility with third-party services and plugins, including Vimeo; are some of the main attributes that will make of Moodle Desktop a more dependable solution at classrooms everywhere.

Other neat features include:

  • Organizational directory of users and courses (if enabled by admins)
  • Extended offline capabilities and access restriction thereof by admins (per item or whole courses)
  • Audio and video recording from the text editor, no plugin needed.
  • Deadline filtering display.
  • Desktop notifications.

Plugin compatibility requires the plugin to have “remote add-on” enabled.

Access to Moodle site from Moodle Desktop is available after enabling mobile access, same as with the Moodle app.

Read “Moodle 3.5 features are now available on our desktop app” at

Moodle 3.5 Desktop app is now available” by Moodle HQ’s Open Source Developer Coordinator Sander Bangma at the Moodle Forum.

Download Moodle from the official source at Verify your system compatibility first.

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