Wanted: Moodle Site Admins for GDPR-compliance testing

Source: https://moodle.com/2018/02/01/wanted-moodle-site-admins-gdpr-compliance-testing/

Moodlers in the European Union (and others who are interested), we’ve been working on supporting Moodle to be GDPR compliant and recently released a plan for this.

Moodle HQ developers have been working with the community, a specialist lawyer and our own UX team to develop a set of features (initially implemented as plugins) which will meet GDPR compliance needs in the areas of:

  • Onboarding new users
  • Privacy statements
  • Tracking of consent and handling of subject access requests.

And now, we need YOUR help Moodlers!

What is involved?

Our UX team is putting a call out to Moodle site administrators and data privacy officers in the European Union to participate in testing GDPR features in Moodle.

Your feedback would obviously be integral in progressing with our plan to make the plugins available by March 2018.

Want to get involved?

Then we would love to have you on board by:

  • Selecting a date and time that’s suitable for you to do test via this Calendly link.
  • Sharing this message through your own communication channels to peers and colleagues who would be suitable to assist in testing!

Hurry, book your spots, as we need to get all our Moodle GDPR testers by COB (in your countries) Friday 2 February!


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