Proof of learning


I am not sure about other coders, but I have a few pet projects that I dabble in on the side. One of these projects centers around being able to track a user in Moodle while they do a quiz. I have tried a number of different approaches, but always with the idea that I could add it to Moodle in such a way that it did not change core code.

My own attempt had been put on the back burner,  until recently when I got to look at another companies approach to solving the problem of providing “proof of learning” when doing a quiz. There solution, like mine, involved taking a number of random photos of the user while they complete the quiz. In theory one would think this could work.

Well, that is until you get a look at the photos taken. Some of the photos are completely blacked out, while in others you could not see the face of the person doing the quiz. In general the photos taken would not allow you to identify who was doing the quiz. A good idea, but not really delivering on what is required.

This made me realize that taking a picture was not enough. You had to know that the person was in the frame when doing so. Further to that, what did you do with all these photos. Without a report, you may as well not have taken the photos.

At the risk of rambling on, I’ll share my attempt. The clips is around two minutes long and shows me completing a quiz. The last bit of the clip shows the report I have built – which is really a hacked Roster report.



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