Link: Upcoming Fortnightly Tips

Source: Link: Upcoming Fortnightly Tips – Scott.Technology

Since March we have had seven webinars, with topics ranging from Competencies to Activity Completions. Fortnightly Tips was even streamed live from iMoot, allowing Fortnightly Tips users the chance to sample the world’s largest fully online LMS conference.

Upcoming Fortnightly Tips

I’ve just written a post over at Pukunui’s blog about Fortnightly Tips. I’m pretty pleased with my biweekly1webinar is going so far.

I have to admit I’m doing a terrible job at keeping it under 15 minutes; most shows run closer to 25 minutes. I think this might be a sign that I’m picking too large of a topic to cover so I hope to rectify this with the next few shows.

I actually webcast three times on every second Friday; Fortnightly Tips is primarily aimed at Pukunui customers. We have customers across Australia, Malaysia and China, so I have tried to pick first thing in the office and over lunch times for both coasts of Australia. That said, we have had views from as far away as Africa. And there’s nothing stopping anyone – Pukunui customer or not – from joining Fortnightly Tips. The more, the merrier!

One of the coolest things I think I’ve done with Fortnightly Tips is broadcast live from iMoot. This was pretty awesome – we allowed Fortnightly Tips viewers into a session I was presenting at iMoot. For free! It allowed these viewers to get a taste of iMoot, and allowed the crowds to virtually mingle. It was great fun, and I was very pleased at how successful it was.

The future

I have a few shows mapped out in my mind. I’m looking forward to one on Orphaned Activities – perhaps in a month’s time. You can really do quite a bit in Moodle with Orphaned Activities if you’re creative. I hear quite a bit about how ugly Moodle can be (and I’ve probably said it myself a few times). I think if you’re creative, crafty, and know a little HTML/CSS, and have a good theme (Bootstrap, Font Awesome) you can go a long way to making a Moodle course pretty amazeballs. So keep your eyes out for that show.

I hope you join me at Fortnightly Tips in the future.


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