4 Astonishingly Free Courses In The Official Moodle OER Hub

Source: 4 Astonishingly Free Courses In The Official Moodle OER Hub | Moodle News

4 Astonishingly Free Courses In The Official Moodle OER Hub

As a learning economist, I will never not be amazed by how the Open Source markets —if you can call them that— seem to run. For reasons beyond what standard microeconomic theory can explain, people keep giving stuff away for free on the web, creating incalculable amounts of value. Incalculable because, to a large extent, without money exchanging hands we literally cannot quantify it.

But while my colleagues and I insist on the debatably futile attempt to understand why and how people decide not to get their money’s worth of their priceless work, you can take advantage of this economic miracle by visiting the growing treasure of Open Educational Resources (OER) at moodle.net. It is a vast repository featuring, among other content types, Courses, User Tours, Quizzes, and Competency Frameworks, all ready to deploy in your Moodle site.

And did you know you can keep track of every new item? Just follow @moodlenet on Twitter.

Take a look at some of the latest English-based courses added to the Moodle OER Hub. Use them to support your teaching.

  1. Spontaneous Pneumothorax. Designed for 3rd-year medical students, this course covers thoracic structures as they relate to the anatomical abnormality.
  2. ICT Sustainability. An “award winning” course on assessment and reduction strategies of the carbon footprint in electronics made for information and communication purposes.
  3. Facilitating Learning Online (FLO Fundamentals). A review of principles and strategies to make an online class “fun and effective.” It covers elements such as student participation, culture and behavior, feedback, and meaningfulness.
  4. Text Encoding and the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). The relatively short history of information technologies is already rich with events, arguments, and attempts to bring it all together under a universal standard for “digital multimodal literacy.”

If you would like to make your contribution free and available (therefore earning the microeconomic distinction of “irrational”), take a look at the guidelines at the Moodle Hub FAQ.

Stay on top of the new OER available at the Moodle Hub, following @moodlenet.


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