MoodleNews May Plugin Roundup, Security & Compliance Edition

Source: MoodleNews May Plugin Roundup, Security & Compliance Edition | Moodle News

MoodleNews May Plugin Roundup, Security & Compliance Edition

This batch of recently updated plugins allows admins and teachers keep a tighter Moodle ship. They help protect or prevent systems from vulnerabilities in privacy and security or provide better control and defenses against undesired user behavior.

To ensure a fast and secure installation, log in to the Moodle Site with and admin account connected to a account. Then visit the plugin’s directory page and click the “Install now” button. Choose your Moodle Site and proceed.

Plugins with an “Early Bird Badge” award for Moodle 3.3 have a 🔥 next to them. New plugins have a 🆕 emoji next to them.

Content security policy🆕

Establish platform rules to prevent privacy and security vulnerabilities. You can, for example, require that all sources the Moodle Site uses are accessed using secure, HTTPS connections.


Get a page with user pictures of every student enrolled in a Course. Useful in face-to-face classrooms to prevent impersonation and fraud.

Solution sheet🔥

Unlock the solutions of a problem set in math, physics, or chemistry lessons. Solutions are located in the Moodle Assignment, where students can easily find them. You can unlock solution sheets manually or automatically, as well as lock them up and make them unavailable after some time to prevent unwanted download past a certain date.

Hide courses🔥

It is not uncommon for large Moodle Sites to host past versions of a Moodle Course with very similar content. This plugin prevents crafty students from accessing past questions and answers so only teachers can see old content.

Section names auto-linking🔥🆕

A Text Filter type plugin. Adding the name of a Moodle Course Section into any text editor will automatically add a link to the Section directly. Use this to refer to rules previously established to settle debates.


Use XML files to update the Moodle relational database. Create new tables fast or easily delete unused, unsupervised tables from the Moodle site. This plugin also features a “refresh index” (for MySQL only) to keep the list of available tables up-to-date.

Snippet for Atto

Create rich content in the Moodle Atto text editor and save it as a template for recurring use. The content is available from an icon in Atto’s menu.

Delete courses🔥

Bulk option to clean up large, old parts of a Moodle site. If the Moodle Site has the Recycle Bin activated, you can bypass it to delete content permanently.

Book chapter auto-linking 🔥🆕

A Text Filter type plugin. This plugin will look for instances of names of any chapter from any book available on the Moodle Course and add a direct link to it.


A quick dashboard visible from any page that allows users to set font size and contrast quickly.


This plugin features a machine learning engine that trains using the Moodle Logs, as well as a centralized, completely anonymous Moodle database. It currently only features a “students at risk of dropping out” prediction. Find out more here.


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