Handlebar – Another brand new Moodle theme coming soon to impress Moodlers

Source: Handlebar – Another brand new Moodle theme coming soon to impress Moodlers #Moodlethemes – Moodle World

Since the release of Moodle 3.2, the overall look and feel of Moodle has improved drastically. The change is because of the adoption of Bootstrap 4 framework for the Boost theme – default core Moodle theme. The improvement multiplied by different contributed themes developed by Moodle community developers such as Fordson, Moove, Waxed etc.

Handlebar is a brand new theme about to release in the Moodle themes directory but already available for testing. The theme designed by Richard Oelmann (Also the designer of Waxed theme) is submitted to the Moodle plugins database but it is waiting for the approval. For the time being till its officially released, you can download it from the GitHub page here.

Handlebar - Another brand new Moodle theme coming soon to impress Moodlers #Moodlethemes

Interesting features of Handlebar theme:

Handlebar theme is an astonishing Moodle theme which comes with multiple innovative features. The main features of Handlebar theme includes the following:

  • Different student and staff links on pop up page – The most innovative feature of the theme which I liked the most. It will display course management links to the teachers and student course information like progress radial, gradebook link, course summary automatically based on the user roles.
  • Presets – Instead of manually uploading the presets, you can directly FTP/SSH them to the theme/scss/presets directory and use them.
  • Colours – additional brand colour pickers to fine tune the selected presets, along with the standard pre/post raw scss custom settings.
  • Footnote Content –  a footnote setting to add standard content into the footer space
  • Heading and images – add a page background image and a default heading background image. You can override the heading image at the course level by adding an image banner to the course summary files. You can also add a separate login page background image.
  • Custom Block regions -It also adds several custom block regions – one above the main content area, which will stay on top even on small screens (suitable, such as, for adding an html block for an urgent notice for a course) and several pop-out modal regions accessible only from course pages.

You can download the theme from the GitHub link and test the theme till it is released in the Moodle themes database. If you like the theme then share your opinion with Richard in the comments below or through this forum thread.


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