Enchanting Enhancements To Activity Completion Options For Moodle 3.3

Source: Enchanting Enhancements To Activity Completion Options For Moodle 3.3 | Moodle News

A set of small but powerful features have come into the Moodle Activity completion options in the 3.3 release. They are designed to provide a more critical follow-up of student behavior and performance in Moodle. Adding a checklist, encompassing a Course’s set of actions, is a cognitive advantage for students. Here is a look at the new features and how they will streamline the teacher’s workflow.

From a Course Section page, a “Course completion” item is now available from the Edit menu. This opens a detailed, 3-tab configuration page.

The first tab, “Course completion,” includes all the available conditions a teacher can implement as automatic completion criteria, both for the Course and the Activities. Time intervals, performance (on graded tasks), and even completion of other Activities, can be enforced.

The “Default activity completion” tab lists all the types of Activities and the kind of completion they follow. By default, they are “manual,” which means that the student only has to tick the Activity’s box for it to be marked as complete. The tab includes an “Edit” button on top where the defaults can be changed to the selected Activities. The completion could be switched to “automatic” with conditions listed, or “not required.” Be aware that changing completion criteria for an Activity type will change completion criteria for all Activities belonging to the type.

Finally, the “Bulk edit activity completion” lists all the Activities in a course, grouped by type. As in the previous tab, they can be edited in bulk. This tab is useful if you have many Activities of the same type who would follow different criteria.

Courses with completion tracking enabled have the additional benefit of a progress pie chart, available for students in the new Course Overview Block.


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