Case Study: Moodle is collaboration | Learning Technology and Innovation

Source: Case Study: Moodle is collaboration | Learning Technology and Innovation

It has been said that Moodle is underused, it is software which is used throughout the School yet on a whole a very small percentage of Moodle’s features are utilised. There are many reasons to explain this but we aren’t going to look at these, we are going to look at how Moodle can be used for collaboration.

Moodle is a lot more than a file repository, it is an environment where teachers and students can interact. Using forums allows for discussion and comments; sometimes resulting in more student participation as it is seen as a safe environment for those who may not be comfortable speaking in front of their peers.

Collaboration is entirely possible within Moodle and not just by forums; using Etherpad Lite students are able to work on documents together, think Google Docs.

“Moodle should be promoted in the future to make courses more collaborative.”

 Ever considered peer review? Moodle has the ability for students to review work submitted by their peers. Implementing such assignment method has benefits for both students and teachers:

  • Encourages relationship building between students
  • Encourages a higher order of thinking
  • Teacher has oversight through moderation
  • Creates a learning community
  • Provides feedback

Creating a course wiki can be used by course participants, it is an accessible feature, it is easy to use and like Wikipedia encourages users to edit pages. Having a course wiki can be used for key terms, lecture notes or a collection of collaborative documents. It is a feature that can be a very powerful tool which can be moulded to fit with your course needs.

Moodle has many features which can increase collaboration between course attendees, it’s about finding the right tool to fit with the needs of the course.

If you have any questions on what collaborative tools Moodle has please contact


Did you know?

 A recent report carried out by LTI (2020 Vision) found that students want an environment that encourages collaboration and encourages interaction where they can ‘work off each other’


One thought on “Case Study: Moodle is collaboration | Learning Technology and Innovation

  1. Peer review is considered in many societies (scientific as well and in particular) as an only fair way to evaluate someone’s contribution. Also it allows one to defend one’s position and that in turn facilitates deep thinking processes thanks to which subject matter can be appropriately elaborated.

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