Collapsed Topics course format updated with fixed bugs

Source: Collapsed Topics course format updated with fixed bugs #Moodle – Moodle World – Moodle World

Collapsed Topics course format – The course format, which can be used to solve the issue of “Scroll of Death” which was a big trouble for early Moodle versions, has been updated to a new version with fixed bugs and issues.

In old Moodle versions, the course topics/sections were shown on a single page and to access the last topics, one has to scroll down till the end of page which was termed as the “Scroll of Death”. Gareth J Barnard took up the challenge to solve the issue of Scroll of Death and developed the Collapsed Topics course format.

For those who are not sure what a course format plugin is, let me re-clarify:

Course formats refers to the layout of your Moodle course and it decides how your course activities and resources are displayed to the learners when they access your course.

The Complete Guide to Collapsed Topics by Gareth J Barnard

Collapsed topics course format is similar to the standard weekly and topic format but it comes with a toggle for each section for expanding and collapsing. The toggle helps in reducing the initial information presented to the student. And the biggest advantage of it is that the toggle state is remembered on a per course per user basis.

List Of Changes:

Complete list of changes in the new updated version of Collapsed Topics course format plugin is documented as below:

To get started with the collapsed topics course format, you can download your copy here. If you would like a reference book to explore more about it, then you should take a look at the Complete guide to Collapsed Topics book written by Gareth.

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