mylearningspace Videos


I come across this YouTube channel from 


with a whole host of Moodle 3.x videos. You can check out their channel here.

Login – This video demonstrates Login for Moodle 3.x


Navigation – This video demonstrates Navigation for Moodle 3.x


Course categories – This video demonstrates Course categories for Moodle 3.x


Course creation – This video demonstrates Course creation for Moodle 3.x


Content – This video demonstrates Adding content for Moodle 3.x


Chat – This video demonstrates Chat for Moodle 3.x


Forum – This video demonstrates Forum for Moodle 3.x


Tags – This video demonstrates Tags for Moodle 3.x


Account creation – This video demonstrates Account creation for Moodle 3.x


Enrolment methods – This video demonstrates Enrolment methods for Moodle 3.x


Blog – This video demonstrates Blog for Moodle 3.x


Feedback – This video demonstrates Feedback for Moodle 3.x


Glossary – This video demonstrates Glossary for Moodle 3.x


Scales and outcomes – This video demonstrates Progress tracking for Moodle 3.x


Progress tracking – This video demonstrates Scales and outcomes for Moodle 3.x


Assignments – This video demonstrates Assignments for Moodle 3.x




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