The Learning Analytics Roadmap: Support Your Learning Case In Moodle With Zoola [LAR Series #5] | Moodle News

Source: The Learning Analytics Roadmap: Support Your Learning Case In Moodle With Zoola [LAR Series #5] | Moodle News

The ROI on Learning is a frame that sheds light about the organization-learning relationship. At one end, there is an “organizational mission statement,” which is oftentimes simply profit. At the learning end, it’s not so clear cut because the possibilities are diverse and, seemingly, endless. As examples, we could pursue:

  • Skill Acquisition
  • Service Quality Improvement
  • Process Efficiency Improvement
  • Staff Actualization
  • Onboarding Requirements

… and these just scratch the surface of possibilities.

There is a clear, and significant, gap between learning and organization nodes. Analytics could be an bridge between them, but an investment in analytics could be wasted if there is also coordination, harmony and synergy. In a word: Alignment.

Zoola Analytics, by Lambda

Zoola wants to fix reporting for LMS (Learning Management Systems). Based on the finding that an important segment of users think their LMS has a “limited ability to access and analyze the wealth of [their] data” (23.2% according to Lambda), Zoola provides cloud-based, near-time reporting with robust visualization and sharing options.

Key Zoola features, as enumerated by Lambda are:

  1. Control over data access, visualization, analysis and distribution.
  2. Crowd-sourced, out-of-the-box yet configurable reporting.
  3. Ad Hoc analysis capabilities, in sorting, filtering, and charting options.
  4. Tracking of students’ time spent in Moodle.
  5. Interactive dashboards.
  6. Data export to file.
  7. Automated scheduling.

The value of Zoola lies in its ability to create that bridge between the missions of different parts of an organization. Zoola seeks to become the beginning of a daily routine to train your organizations’ analytics muscle, giving you a way to evolve analytics as you match learning with performance.

Find out more about Zoola on their website. Information on pricing is available via contact form only.


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