Give (And Get) Students Simple Reminders With The Reengagement Moodle Plugin

Source: Give (And Get) Students Simple Reminders With The Reengagement Moodle Plugin | Moodle News

How hard is it to keep a student’s attention? Do you sigh, does your body language engage students? It is unfortunate that online or blended learning is not free from the efforts of drawing people with the attention span of someone who really likes big balloons. This Moodle plugin might change your fortune.


The Reengagement plugin allows you to set a “soft deadline” to email only the students who have not completed an activity. The plugin can also be set up to email for new course content. The August update for 3.1.2 includes adjustments to restrictions and additional controls for email frequency.

This is a particularly useful plugin for courses with free enrollment. Students who face no short-term consequence of signing up for a course, never to log back in again, could just forget they sign on even if they paid. The reengagement plugin will help you plan your moves ahead, so you can think about the motivating messages to bring them back. A strategy incorporating Reengagement with other marketing tools is a sounder approach. (Just make sure you don’t overuse it to avoid getting the domain of your email address flagged as spam.)

Reengagement is developed by Peter Bulmer, Dan Marsden and Eugene Venter from Catalyst IT, a New Zealand provider and consultant of Open Source solutions (Moodle included), and a Moodle Partner.


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