Set, Track, Mark! Update To Moodle Homework Plugin | Moodle News

Source: Set, Track, Mark! Update To Moodle Homework Plugin | Moodle News

The Homework plugin allows teachers to set activities for outside the classroom in advance. Teachers set the time they become active and their deadlines. Each homework includes a time reminder and status. When the deadline expires, the teacher can grade in bulk from Moodle. The cherry on top is report generation on class performance. The teacher can export student analytics to a spreadsheet or comma separated value files.

The June 28th update includes improvement to the feedback options, and better controls for markings upon achievements.

Credit of the Homework Plugin for Moodle goes to school solutions provider Overnet.

The Homework plugin also includes a Moodle block for students. It provides an ongoing reminder of submission deadlines. When it is time, it simplifies the upload of documents.

If parents are Moodle users, the plugin allows them to view homework and status. Teacher can decide if parents can see grades and feedback the children receive. Email notifications are possible if schools have the EduLink plugin by Overnet.

It is important to note that Moodle Homework is still incubating. Incubating plugins did not meet standards criteria in its last evaluation. They may need special steps during installation. They do not receive automatic updates.

More information about Homework is available in this Overnet page.


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