Tracking Progress

Michael de Raadt has just released an update to his rather brilliant Progress Bar plugin. You an more about that here:

At the bottom of the post Jaswinder asks how others might track progress. I thought I might share two of the ways in which I am currently do that.

The first method of tracking progress is in  the course. My client has long courses, with many topics and many activities per topic.

They wanted to be able to show completion per topic, as well as completion for the course. The course completion is based on the total number of topics completed.

I explored a few different methods for doing this. I finally settled on building a new course format that includes the tracking bars by default.

You can see course tracker in the image below. Also in the image is the previous version of the Progress Tracker block.


The second method I use is on the site dashboard. The theme is a customised version of the Elegance theme. I use an accordion block in the middle of the screen to list the courses. Each accordion contains a 5-tab block.

The first tab works like the progress bar of Michael. Hover over the block to view the details of the activity. Click the block to go directly to that activity.


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