Articulate Storyline player fail

Yesterday I was asked to deploy some work I had done to an Android phone. The work had been done in Storyline 2, so I though,”hey, no problem. Just publish it with the mobile player option selected and it will work.”… or so I thought.


As it turns out, the AMP (Articulate Mobile Player) only works in landscape mode. Which is fine if you are building content for a tablet. I my case I was building for a mobile phone and the player will not rotate the content.

Here are a few posts to that effect:

You have a few options to get around this. You could as I did for a few screen, rebuild all the content but rotated 270 degrees. It’s not ideal, but it does work. Something you cannot rotate is video. If you do have a video clip in the build, that will have to come out.

I published this with the AMP selected and deployed it to the device. That worked fine, except that the AMP player does not scale to 100% of the screen size, so the content although build 720×1280, is actually displayed a bit smaller on the device.

I found the easiest way to deploy the content onto the device, was to uploaded it to my web server, then access the story.html file via the url. You can then download the content to the AMP app. Remember to make it available off-line, for obvious reasons.

You could just publish the content to HTML 5 and drop it into the downloads folder. This will work fine if you want something simple. But I really wanted the content to be accessed from the menu screen. It just looks more presentable when you are delivering it as a product.

Lastly, you can look at building a mobile application using Phonegap. You will have to register here if you want to go that route.

Phonegap makes the process of creating your own mobile application fairly simple. Below is a link to a good blog post where you can read more about how to do it.

I had a problem getting my screen recording videos to work in the APK, so I deleted them.

Another issue I had was that the content would load with a 50% left margin. Meaning the content would start displaying in the middle of the screen and get cut off. After many hours and lots of coffee I finally figured out a solution.

Start by renaming story_html5.html to index.html. Once that is done, edit index.html and update the body tag as follows:
<body style=”position: absolute; left: -50% !important;”>

The got the content onto the screen, but did push the loading spinner half off the screen on the left. I am sure I am doing something wrong, but for now it will have to do.


Here is a good blog post on how to create a mobile application from your Storyline build


Some other handy links:






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