The Top 6 Animated Video Software in the eLearning Market

From eLearning Industry by Christopher Pappas

Instructional designers, trainers and educators have long realized the true value ofanimated videos as one of the main techniques that should be used to increase the audience’s engagement and retention during an eLearning course. Would you be interested in a list of the top animated video software in the eLearning market?

Up until recently it was something rather expensive and with a steep learning curve. Thankfully, today technology is offering us numerous, multidimensional tools to seamlessly create animated videos that are fun to watch and can get the message across in a more practical way. The possibilities for animations and interactivity are endless. Let’s see the most well-known and widely used animated video eLearning software.

The Top 6 Animated Video eLearning Software

  1. GoAnimate
    GoAnimate is a cloud-based animated video software that doesn’t require any programming. It uses drag-and-drop tools, is easy, its animation features are completely customizable, has built-in characters, props, sound effects and music. Its downside is that you can only get one character to speak or move at a time, character movement is limited and poses might not be consistent between sets, and, of course, if you really need to customize, you must upgrade it at the respective cost.
  2. CrazyTalk
    CrazyTalk is wildly popular, because it makes it really easy and entertaining to incorporate animation principles to photographs and illustrated content, while having easy learning tools, tutorials and tips. It has a user-friendly interface, lets you apply motion, import artwork and convert it into fully-featured animation, create character libraries depending on the content and course needs, and it actually offers numerous sophisticated options for fully featured animations and interaction.
  3. iClone
    iClone is a smart tool for creating fully customizable talking character animations, with 3D environments, a gigantic library, crystal audio, a simplistic user-friendly interface, intuitive drag-and-drop editing and importing, tons of pre-made content, and the option to create on-the-fly video with real-life actors.
  4. Toon Boom
    Toon Boom is a premium digital studio animation software with advanced features, enhanced audio options, interactive cameras, fully customizable user interface, supports various different input/output formats, and generates amazing animations with impressive detail and effects.
  5. PowToon
    PowToon is a free online software that allows you to create professional looking animated videos for your courses. The process is very simple, it has an easy export system for an effortless upload, and an array of tools, features, templates, and styles. It’s versatile and can be used for many different types of presentations.
  6. After Effects
    Adobe’s After Effects is a powerful, specialized software for the creation of stunning videos. It is quite expensive and it has a pretty steep learning curve, which means that it’s probably better to hire a professional to create the material for you. However, the results are just phenomenal, with extremely powerful editing options, compatibility with all input/output formats, even of older versions, and numerous third party programs, various color correcting techniques, plug-ins, cross-app integration, variable mask feathering, and of course rocking new features, such as Roto Brush, Warp Stabilizer, and the new 3D Camera Tracker.

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