Using git in Netbeans for Moodle development

I am by no means a git expert, but there are certainly many advantages to using it when developing. I us NetBeans 8.1 as my primary development IDE.

I have just recently started using the git plugin for NetBeans as well when writing my Moodle code. I was initially a bit apprehensive about how it would work, and if it would add value. Both those concerns were soon put to rest.

Below are some brief steps I followed in setting up and using git with my Moodle project.

Firstly clone yourself a new copy of Moodle into your localhost directory.


In NetBeans, make sure you have the git extension installed.


With the git extension installed, you will see some additional icons at the top of your screen.git_3


From left, the first icon, when clicked will show the annotations for the selected file.


The second icon will show the history of the changes that have been made to the file. Clicking on Diff to previous will allow you to select the revision and view the differences.


Another handy feature is the ability to view changes in your file, and revert to a previous version if you need to.


Lastly, once you have worked on a file, it’s very easy to commit the change to the repository.

Simply click the Commit.. icon. The screen below will popup. Enter your message and click the commit button.


As a noob to git, I found setting up and using git very easy. There is still a lot to learn, but this initial step was painless. If you are in doubt, try it on a small project, but try…

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