Import/export ePubs into the Moodle book module

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One of the likely aims of the Moodle “open” book project that interested me was the ability to export Book modules to ePub format. A capability I think would be seen as valuable for students in my course, given the heavy use of the book module. In developing the Moodlemoot’AU 2015 session on the project this was certainly I’ve been trawling the Moodle community forums for discussions about the Book module. This type of function has been mentioned as desirable by others.

Then last night I stumble across this post from Saturday in which someone has done it. Written some add-ons that will not only export in the ePub format, but also allow the import of ePub formats. Some discussions in tracker about this that I may wish to look at again later. What follows is some initial experiments with that code.

In summary, looks like it works very well…

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