5 Must-Read Mobile Learning Articles

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reading-at-computerWhile the term “elearning” generally encompasses all electronic learning channels, in recent years people have made it a point to make a distinction of mobile learning (sometimes called mlearning).

This sub-sector of elearning is constantly growing given the way people rely upon mobile devices in their everyday lives. Technology such as smartphones and tablets are a driving force behind the mobile learning industry.

Many of the new innovations today around elearning are centered on the mobile learning experience. For example, the evolution of SCORM to Tin Can API demonstrates how the industry has progressed so as to join the mobile trend rather than combat it.

I suspect that over time that mobile learning will be “must-have” knowledge for anyone working in instructional design. Seeing this as an opportunity, there are many professionals in the field that specialize in the mobile learning sector of elearning.

If you are interested in doing the same, or perhaps you just want to learn more about mobile learning, then the articles below provide a good overview.

5 Mobile Learning Articles You Should Read

The Mobile Learning Shift –  A look into elearning’s shift in priorities, specifically as it relates to the mlearning space.

When is Mobile Learning Being Used? – One study’s findings on when people primarily use mobile learning.

12 Mobile Learning Trends on the Rise – As mobile learning gains in popularity, we are seeing specific trends in the industry.

Influence of Mobile Learning is Growing – This article examines how mobile learning is influencing education across the world.

Mobile Learning in Education [Study] – A study on how elearning is being used within Education.


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