From Oh That Rachel by Rachel Barnum

I may have a small special hatred for click and reveal interactions. It’s easy to look at a page and say, “Hey! I want to make this more interactive! Let me add in a click and reveal real quick.” It’s lazy course design, is what that is. (Sorry y’all, but to be fair, I’m totally guilty of it too).

That doesn’t mean that click and reveals don’t have their place. I made a little flowchart just for you so you know when to use them, and when to find a better interaction.

What exactly am I talking about when I say a click and reveal interaction? I’m talking about those buttons or tabs that learners click on to get more information. They’re really quite popular in the e-learning world. But do you really need them?


When are Click and Reveal Interactions Okay?

  • When you’re giving your learner just more information that isn’t required.
  • When it’s information that was already covered previously and is just for reference.
  • It’s more information to help them with a scenario but isn’t required for the scenario.
  • Sometimes on interactive graphics.

There are exceptions to this, of course, and I’ve seen a few. But by the time you come around to the exception, you know you’re designing a good course.

What can I do instead of a click and reveal?

Can the information be presented in a different way? Can you create a scenario? Can you just use narration and show each term one at a time? Can you make it into a conversation?

Can you just cut down on the information in general? Because let’s be real, some of your courses have way too much information.

Why do you hate click and reveals so much?

They don’t add anything to your course, they just make your learner have to click on something… just to give them more content. Ughhh. Why even do it?

Recently, I have even seen click and reveals as a way to cut down on the “amount of slides.” But seriously, it doesn’t actually reduce anything except the amount your vendor charges you.

But… I want learners to interact with the course! This is how I make them interact with it! IT’S MORE ENGAGING!

Be purposeful in your course design. Tweet this!

So make your course engaging! But I’m sad to say that you’re not going to make it engaging by forcing your learner click on everything or otherwise they get a little pop up that says “you must click on everything to continue.” (I rage at those pop ups). Be purposeful in your course design! Go beyond the click and reveal!

Have terrible examples of click and reveals? Share them in the comments!


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