Viewing course content in Moodle Mobile app

A while back I build my own adaptive content authoring tool (ACT) for Moodle. I initially started out by building an external authoring tool for authoring content which you then added to Moodle.

It evolved into a tool which I just built straight into Moodle. This meant I could built adaptive content straight in Moodle that would work across all platforms, provided the Moodle site was itself responsive. Good fit.

A few weeks ago a company approached me about doing some work on the Moodle Mobile application. During my adventures I come to realize that the content build in my adaptive content tool would also work on the mobile application – even if you were off-line.

Below are a few screenshots of the content working in the mobile application. This is a basic example. I have created a few more exciting samples which I hope share in the future.

The content was created in Moodle, and immediately accessible on the device, without any hacks, tweaks. The same content was also accessible via the browser on a mobile device or PC.

cpr_mobile_1 cpr_mobile_2cpr_mobile_3cpr_mobile_4cpr_mobile_5
This screen shows the course in Moodle.



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