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If you are thinking that mobile devices are the most happening technological advancements that are bridging gaps and proliferating growth, think again. Wearable devices with their compact sizes and advanced learning capabilities are taking over the world of technology by a storm. Yes! We are now advancing to that stage where robotic invasion into our everyday lives is not far away and we’re not exaggerating. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let us see what wearable technology is: Wearables can gather information from the host’s body and environment and deliver it to a remote device or to the host itself. Wearable technology can be embedded into any kind of accessory like watches, bracelets, shoes, clothing, etc. and are very convenient to use and to integrate with other devices such as mobile phones, laptops and the likes. We will now look into

Wearable Technology For Learning

How it works?

What are its benefits in learning?

Where is it headed?

How it works?

Wearable technology is like any other device that can store, retrieve and process information but most importantly it focuses on one area of technology rather than being multifunctional and this is mainly because of its limited size. For instance, there are specially designed bracelets that keep count on the number of steps you take per day and some even monitor your heart beats and oxygen levels. Such kind of wearable devices observe the living patterns of the host and some even meet-out a plan for the user’s benefit. One can also find wearables to be useful for tracking kids and pets. Several other wearables like Google glass, Apple watch and Fitbit bracelets have specific functionalities though they are constantly upgraded to be multifunctional.

What are its benefits in learning?

Wearable technology with its easy management and superior learning patterns are the predecessors of artificially intelligent systems. Integration of wearable devices with advanced processors creates the perfect environment for uninterrupted learning. Suits embedded with artificially intelligent sensors that studies body movements are being employed in creating advanced graphics and are also a major asset in the field of video gaming. Wearable technology also provides an arena for demonstrating concepts with much better in clarity and acceptability- Imagine having to explain intergalactic conceptions with the help of Google glass.

Where is it headed?

With every new technology emerges a challenge that paves way for the next new innovation. Integrating wearable technology with biometrics and artificial intelligence is the next step that could revolutionize the way technology is perceived.


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