What will the Future Education Technology look like?

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When we think about a classroom in the 80’s, we can picture students sitting on benches, listening to a teacher and copying notes from the blackboard. With the invention of computers and technology taking a slow but steady move, we had seen tablets, smartphones and other innovative tools replacing traditional methods of teaching. 3D printing, iPads and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) making its way into the classroom. If smartphone is ruling today’s classroom, what are we anticipating to be the future of technology in education? If iPads and innovative mobile technology defines education in 2015, what will be the future education technology, say five to ten years from now?

Future trends in educational technology will surely bring in a situation where education and learning will be all about collaboration, both on the local level and the global platform. Institutions in future will be the meeting point for students from across the globe, on a virtual sphere. Schools will have both students who are physically present and those who are connected via online from various parts of the world. And we can already see the beginning to it- MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

It’s really interesting to see what the future holds for technology in education. We bring to you some ideas that might play big roles in education in the coming days.

  • Future trends in educational technology has every chances to see physical campuses losing out their importance. The expenses involved in most physical campus courses are getting higher and higher, away from the reach of students from the low-income background. Distance learning is slowly gaining its presence as a very economical and productive option, particular for students who are not on high educational budget.
  • Virtual reality in classroom. Very recently we have seen how some students in Ireland re-created a historic place they have visited in OpenSim, using standard OpenSim building tools. They used Oculus Rift headsets for exploration. It’s not a distant dream when every classroom will be equipped with virtual reality sets that’ll open up plenty of new educational opportunities like introducing practical knowledge in the classroom. Rather than listening to lectures, students can experience real life applications in a virtual cover.


  • Cloud-based tools and apps in classroom will introduce a paperless learning environment. Google Classroom is already on its way to create a paperless classroom where teachers and students use Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail to conduct and exchange assignments in a smarter way. A more time saving, affordable and secure option than traditional methods.


  • No more classroom lectures in future for certain. There’ll be productive and convenient way to gather knowledge. Take the example of Khan Academy; they offer online courses on an array of topics, in the form of simple bite-sized videos. The advantage- see and learn from the videos at your own leisure. Students can interact with other students in the form of comments under the video.


What according to you, will be the future of technology in education? We bring in our views. Share your thoughts too, in the comments section below.

Check out a very interesting infographic on The Evolution of Classroom Technologyhere.


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