How to Create a Slide Title Via a Variable in Articulate Storyline

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How to Create a Slide Title Via a Variable in Articulate Storyline

Articulate storyline is a highly effective tool for developing eLearning courses.In each slide, we will have a title at the top. This slide title can be created with the help of the text box option from the menu bar. But, we can also INSERT the slide title, without using text box, through variables.

Here are the steps to create a slide title with the help of variables.

Step 1:

Create a variable as shown here.

  • Define a variable name (can include characters/numbers)
  • Type as a text field
  • Leave the value field empty
  • Click OK

Step 01

Step 2:

  • Place the variable name in the slide, with a percentage symbol on both sides (%SlideTitle%). Now, adjust the text box based on the required position.

Step 02

Step 3:

In the respective slide, follow the steps below to adjust the variable.

Action : Adjust variable

Variable : Variable name (Ex: SlideTitle)

Operator : equal to assignment

Value : Slide title name that we want to display (Ex: Welcome)

When : Timeline starts

Object: preset slide.

Step 03

Step 4:

  • Check the output using the preview
  • The value you have entered in Step 3 will be displayed.

Step 04

I hope you find this blog useful. Do you use any other method to create screen titles for eLearning courses? Please do share.

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