Suggested Learning in Moodle

I have been working on a Moodle site for one of my clients that includes a shopping cart. As the project is drawing to a close, I started wondering what one thing extra I could add to their site to give them an edge.

A while back I listened to a webinar in which the term ‘Suggested Learning’ was used, and I wondered if I could add that to the site. The idea being that if you searched for a course to buy, you could also see other courses that were related.

I tinkered around a bit with some ideas and finally settled on what I hope to be the easiest solution, namely to use the tags in Moodle.

I enabled the tags plugin, added the tags block to the courses, and tagged them. Moodle already does most of the work for us, we just need to extend it a little.

The screenshots below show the shopping site with the courses.


Once a course has been selected, the details of the course are displayed, as well as suggested courses with similar tags.
Finally the the course with the tags block added.


I was recently asked why I use Moodle as my LMS of choice. My reply was, that if you are going to build something, start with a good foundation.

To me that is Moodle.

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