2015 Business eLearning Trends

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2015 Business eLearning Trends Infographic
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Learning has moved away from the conventional classroom training. In the business world, the focus of learning has moved from a learner-centric approach to a business-centric approach that focuses on strategic alignment. This change in focus has transformed the way learning is designed and delivered.

Keeping this in mind, the 2015 Business eLearning Trends Infographic presents 6 trends that will be setting the stage for the business world in 2015. These trends actually show that how fast eLearning trends are changing and evolving. Technically speaking, earlier the classroom training was considered as most relevant training methods but with changing times the learning trends have also changed.

1. Mobile Learning

With more people owning a mobile phone, the way people access information will shift to the mobile phone.

2. Personalized Learning

An offshoot of big data and analytics, personalized learning will be the nucleus of all learning experiences in 2015. Experience API – a web service that collects employee’s learning data will collect self-driven or informal learning, as well as formal learning experiences. With a bird’s eye view of learner’s learning style, trainers will be able to personalize learning to fit the needs of individual learners.

3. Cloud LMS

4. Gamification

Helps boast

  • knowledge
  • workflow
  • satisfaction
  • retention
  • performance
  • loyalty
  • efficiency
  • revenue

5. Social Learning

Social interactions play a key role in

  • confidence
  • motivation
  • engagement
  • willingness to engage in teaming

6. Big Data and Analytics

Big data – the mounds of information that used to waste away until recently, will now be utilized to measure, collect, analyze and report data related to learning. It can be used to predict human behavior, individual learning styles and provide insightful information on how learners learn and what works/does not work.


2 thoughts on “2015 Business eLearning Trends

  1. Shean, couldn’t agree more – these are the major trends in 2015. Actually there’s a few more to mention, like APIs, automation, augmented learning and last but not least- focus on ROI.
    1. APIs: they allow to exchange the data and extend functionalities from one application to another
    2. Automation: making valuable content takes time, that’s why it will be really helpful to generate some parts of courses (quizzes, tests) automatically from the content
    3. Augmented learning: learning with tools such as Google Glasses or Apple Watch; learning on demand will become more and more popular
    4. Focus on ROI: e-learning courses are cheaper than the traditional ones and they bring equal effects; focusing on ROI you can compare investment in training and the benefits it bring. You have to invest in personnel (administrators, designers), technology (LMS) and content, but you’ll also have some saving on travels, hiring a trainer tec.

    If interested, check out this infographic. It shows all the trends really nicely: http://blog.talentlms.com/elearning-trends-follow-2015-infographic/

    I wonder which trend, according to you, will be the most popular and promising one?

    • Hi John

      I would lean towards API’s. As a Moodler, one of the most common requests I get is around integration with existing CMS systems. I would say that comes up with pretty much every Moodle I do, closely followed by making data available so that reports can be run in a CMS.

      I think it may be a little early for Augmented learning. Microsoft and the likes has still to go mainstream with their hardware, so I don’t think we will see anything before mid to end next year.

      The one I don’t see listed, but would add is off-line learning. I get asked about that a fair bit. I think there certainly is a need for off-line learning and not only in places like Africa.

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