Moodle as a Service (MaaS)

Why Moodle as a Service?
I have been around Moodle for a number of years, providing installation, customisation and support. But this has always been as a developer in a company, so I seldom got to interact with a customer. At least never at the project initiation phase anyway.

Those that know me, know that this is a good thing, since I tend to be very direct, regardless of the cost.

For the last year now I have been running my own company. This means interacting with client’s right from the beginning. As a developer, I can assure you that there is nothing worse than doing a sales pitch. So my sales pitches tend to me a bit technical, and not well polished. And that’s fine, I am a techie, and worse a passionate Moodler who loves to show off all it can do.

Sadly I have been meeting clients who have Moodle and are not using it. Mostly because they have paid a lot of money for the installation and customisation – and it does not work. What they envisaged at the start, and what the vendor has delivered is simply not what they expected. This could be for a number of reason, but mostly because every change request comes at a price they are no longer willing to pay.

The aim of MaaS is to bridge the gap between nothing and a paid-for service. Many companies realise the need and advantages of e-learning, but are put off by the negative experience they may have had. With MaaS, companies get to try out Moodle, with some of the more popular plugins, for free.

If this then leads to them using us for their Moodle site, great. If they choose to go with another vendor, that’s fine as well. At least they had the opportunity to try Moodle, and become a little more informed about its potential and limitations in regards to their needs.


MaaS offering

What is MaaS?
MaaS is the latest stable release of Moodle installed on our dedicated server. The installation also includes a bunch of the more popular themes and plugins for that version. When a user signs up for a MaaS solution, we do the following:

  1. Set the site up using their domain, or a subdomain of iLite
  2. Create a manager account for them
  3. Provide some basic assistance to help them get going

From that point on the site is theirs, but we will be available for support if required at a monthly cost.

We have a few terms of use, but the biggest one being – you need to be a person or company with a legitimate need. Whether you are a big company looking at Moodle as an alternative to your present system, or an individual looking to use Moodle, it does not matter.

Moodle is a really good LMS, and with MaaS we hope to help more people get online.


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