3 Tips and Resources to Make Moodle Beautiful

From coursebit.net
URL: http://www.coursebit.net/3-tips-resources-make-moodle-beautiful/

Does Moodle and all of its bells and whistles have your head spinning?  Or worse…your users’ heads?  Here are 3 tips to make Moodle easier on the eyes.


Appropriate Color Schemes
If your logo colors are navy blue and orange, your site probably shouldn’t be lime green and red.  Choosing theme and text colors that don’t match your brand will create a site that looks dishevelled.  If your main colors are too bold or funky, try choosing a more neutral shade and pairing it with white or gray.  Need color inspiration?  Click here to visit Adobe Color CC where you can enter specific color information or browse thousands of pre-made schemes.

Tidy Columns
Moodle gives you the ability to add and arrange ‘blocks’ into 1-3 columns on your page.  Blocks include everything from navigation, latest news, and badges to custom HTML, new messages, and a calendar.  While it may be tempting to deck out your site with everything you can fit, reconsider.  To prevent column clutter, leave only necessary and often-used blocks on your site.  Having blocks that users rarely need will only cause frustration and disorganization.  A great way to figure out what needs to go vs. stay is to survey users and consider their feedback.  Looking for an easy way to survey?  Try the Moodle Survey Module; users won’t have to leave your site!

Choose Words Wisely
You may have a lot of information to convey, but remember, less is more when it comes to words.  If a syllabus, course, or test directions become too wordy, users will scan and ignore the rest.  You want your site to be tailored to online learning, rather than look like you copied and pasted out of a book.  It may seem time consuming to go back over your content, but it will leave you with a higher retention rate and a cleaner site.  For easy ways to spot and eliminate wordiness, click here.

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