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Moodle MOOC 6

Moodle MOOC 6 is a bi-annual event that takes place in May and November of each year. Participants of the MOOC learn to teach online using Moodle course management system and WizIQ live class and active learning video tutorials using technologies such as PoodLL, PresentMe, Movenote, SlideSpeech, and Screencast-o-matic. Certificates are awarded for free to participants who reflect on their learning experiences on a blog and share their work.

Moodle Massive Open Online Course (Moodle MOOC)

Moodle MOOC 6 (MM6) will start on May 1, 2015 on WizIQ. The theme of the current MOOC is collaborative learning, reflective practice, connecting online for instruction and learning, and peace through online learning. Click to enrol in the May MOOC, today to access the links to the live online classes, watch and download the recordings with the same link, get the content of the lectures, and join the discussions in one area:

Moodle MOOC 6 Highlights

  • Moodle 2.8 Theories and Practice Training
  • Active Learning: Teaching as a Way to Learn
  • Learning & Teaching Online: Creating Engaging Activities
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Learning and Teaching in a Live Online Class

Moodle MOOC 6

Focus of Moodle MOOC 6

The MOOC will focus on connecting online for collaborative learning and teaching through Moodle, Google Drive Docs, blogs, Google Apps, Mobile Devices, Virtual Classes, and other online learning environments for face-to-face, blended, and fully online learning. In addition, participants will engage in active learning. They will learn to use technologies such as Movenote, Screencast-o-matic, PresentMe, SlideSpeech, Plotagon, Smore, Quizlet, and other technologies for active learning and teaching as a way to learn. The live presentations will include the speakers’ reflective process on teaching and learning in fully online and blended learning formats.

Learning Areas

There will be two learning areas: WizIQ course area and Moodle for Teachers (M4T) Moodle website. The live online sessions and recordings, tutorials (courseware) and ongoing discussions (coursefeed) will be available in the WizIQ course area.

Unlike the traditional MOOCs that stress content and course delivery, Moodle MOOC will focus on active learning, reflections, sharing, and collaboration. The aim of the course is for the participants to learn through meaningful connections and social interactions.

Moodle MOOC 6 Moodle for Teachers

Moodle for Teachers training course on how to use Moodle 2.8 for instruction is the asynchronous component of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The course takes place on Moodle for teachers website. The Moodle training is for suitable for anyone interested in teaching online using Moodle, WizIQ, and other web technologies.

Participants will become acquainted with Moodle as a course and learning management system. They will learn how Moodle can be used in fully online, blended learning, and the flipped class. The course will only include asynchronous (not dependent on time) element on a Moodle site called Moodle for Teachers. The course is self-paced with ongoing discussions (facilitator and technical support available), live online classes (recordings), videos, and other relevant content.

There are 4 courses on the Moodle MOOC 6 with a special work at your own pace course for Moodle administrators:

  1. Moodle for Teachers Moodle MOOC 6 (open for enrollment)
  2. Moodle for Teacher Practice Area (TPA) automatically enrolled
  3. Moodle for Teacher Manager Practice Area (MPA) automatically enrolled
  4. Moodle for Admin (with a Moodle developer) paid course (open for enrollment)


The workload for the MOOC includes participating or viewing the recordings of the live session and developing a reflective practice in a blog, wiki, google drive doc, website, web page on a website and so on to sustain the information relevant to your needs and learning experiences. In addition, participants will be able to learn to manage a Moodle website as a teacher and manager.

Certificates of Completion

Participants, who wish to get a certificate, will need to enrol in the Moodle MOOC 6 (MM6): Reflecting on the Webinars in order to reflect on a blog and share in their social networks their experiences of 1 or more of the live presentations (webinars) on Moodle MOOC 6. Participants are required to write a text and add Multimedia to each post. The due date for the reflective practice is May 31, 2015.

Badges on Moodle 2.8

Participants will be awarded a badge for each week of MM6. Participants are required to follow and do the tasks required on Moodle for Teachers Moodle MOOC 6 teacher training course area.

Team of Facilitators

The MOOC and the live online classes will be coordinated by Dr. Nellie Deutsch and Tom Hodgers. Volunteers are welcome to join and help facilitate the event. Participants will be able to ask questions in advance and throughout the course in the courseware in the WizIQ course area.

Live Online Classes

The live online classes will be recorded for future reference, so don’t worry if you cannot attend or if you’d like to review the content. These are listed in the course schedule on Moodle MOOC 6, onthis google drive document, and below.

Moodle MOOC 6 Webinars in May, 2015

Please click on the links below to access the webinar get the exact time in your timezone. 

May  1 11 AM  EST Dr. Nellie Deutsch and Tom Hodgers Opening Ceremony
May 2 11 AM EST Dr. Nellie Deutsch and Tom Hodgers Layout of Moodle for Teachers Website & Moodle Training
May  3 11 AM EST Angelos Bollas Essential Online Tools & Activities for Summer School Teachers
May 5 11 AM EST Lenandlar Singh Facebook in Undergraduate Education Update
May 6 11 AM EST Dr. Nellie Deutsch and Tom Hodgers Moodling as a Teacher
May 7 11 AM EST María J. García San Martín with Uni students The challenge of digital crafting on Moodle
May 9 11 AM EST Rob Howard PUT A RING ON IT (Engaging Online Students)
May  10 11 AM EST Angelos Bollas Twitter in the ELT Classroom
May 11 1 PM EST Assoc. Profs Fahriye Altınay & Zehra Altınay Being Digital Natives
May 12 11 AM EST Dr. Nellie Deutsch and Tom Hodgers Moodling as Manager of a Course
May 18 11 AM EST Brenda Mallinson Exploration of the Potential of Open Digital Badge system
May 19 11 AM EST Aaron Sherman and Emily Swartz Digital Storytelling
May 20 11 AM EST Dr. Ludmila Smirnova The Power of Moodle and Web 2.0 for  Learning from each Other
May 21 11 AM EST Dr. Nellie Deutsch My Experiences as Administrator of a Moodle Site
May 23 11 AM EST Rob Howard Online Student Retention
May 24 11 AM EST Letizia Cinganotto and Daniela Cuccurullo Integrating language content and technology for Europe 2020
May 25 11 AM EST Roi Shillo Moodle, Always on solution: Bullet proof IT architecture for your Moodle Deployment
May 26 11 A M EST Eduardo Lina The Way We Learn: Moodle for teachers on Teacher Professional Development Workshops
May 27 10 AM EST   Eduardo Lina Moodle for High School Special Education Pupils
May 28 11 AM EST Tom Hodgers Multi-platform multi-lingual virtual presentations in the Multiverse
May 30 1 PM EST Rosmery Ribera Ferrier Professional Learning Networks for Lifelong Learners
May 31 12 PM EST Dr. Nellie Deutsch and Tom Hodgers Closing Ceremony

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