Delivering Highly Effective eLearning Courses Infographic

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Delivering Highly Effective eLearning Courses Infographic

No more fretting over planning. No more fuss over building. And absolutely no more lost sleep over marketing strategies! The Delivering Highly Effective eLearning Courses Infographic presents all the required elements to build a successful eLearning course! With the infographic as your roadmap, you can be assured that you wont be lost in your eLearning development journey!

How to Build a Successful eLearning Course

1. Plan
  • Make sure eLearning is your best choice. It probably is, but there are also worthy alterative, like traditional and blended learning
  • Get all the tools you need to make your life easier, Without the right tools you may have to do double the work and get sub-optimal results.
  • Find all the experts you will need. They are called Subject Matter Experts. Without them you cannot produce high value courses.
  • Manage expectations for both stakeholders and trainees. You need to gain support from both of them.
  • Know your audience. Building upon people’s needs, worries, hopes and desires can help you succeed.
2. Build
  • Extract raw info from the experts. Interviewing them is probably the best way to achieve that.
  • Organize your content in a sensible way. Course length, pace and structure are important. As a rule of thumb smaller courses or units are better. People cannot read lengthy text or view lengthy videos online. They get bored.
  • Make your course interesting. Multimedia, animation and self-assessments are your core friends.
  • Aesthetics do matter. Make your course look and feel fast and beautiful.
  • Integrate evaluation mechanisms. They keep people on track and provide valuable feedback to you.
  • Balance between size, time and cost. There is no end on what a course can do. Make sure you understand the limits. This takes time and you might fail initially. Keep trying and you will get there!
3. Market
  • Building a course is not the end of the process. It is essential to market your courses to your audience. Don’t expect them to come without your active involvement. Newsletters, events and open-support from stakeholders are your key friends.
  • Remember to reward users so they spread good words and get back. Use Certifications and Gamification at the core of your reward strategy.
  • Use wording efficiently. Convince them about the IQ value that the course has for them, not your organization.
4. Communicate
  • Build informal and formal communication channels. Intemal Messaging, Calendar, Online Meetings and Discussions are your key friends.
  • Use a proactive, automated communication strategy. Keep inactive people in the loop and ensure their success, even when they are about to drop-off.
  • Your active and ongoing involvement can do miracles on how people perceive eLearning in your organization. Don’t just do, but rather live the experience together with your audience.
5. Access
  • Measure everything. Without measuring you are blind. Completion percentages, satisfaction levels, grades, retention and time spent on courses are key things to measure.
  • Calculate the potential ROI for your organization to get the trust of stakeholders. Build beautiful reports for stakeholders, they like them!
  • Improve your process and courses through relentless iteration. Perfection takes time and effort.

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