Introducing Moodle Mobile 2

Picture of Juan Leyva
Introducing Moodle Mobile 2

We are excited to introduce this demo of Moodle Mobile 2. This demonstrates the updated look and feel of the incoming second version of the application. At this stage, the launch is set for June this year. (It looks better in Chrome, Chromium or Safari)

As you can see, major refactors in the design have been implemented. The new version of the app uses the amazing hybrid apps framework Ionic. Ionic will take care of all the platform specific issues and community feedback, allowing us to focus on developing new features in the future.

Please note that this demo is just a static prototype. This means that you will be unable to connect to a real site, so please do not attempt to. The demo uses pre-filled data – simply add any site url and login detail to enter the application demo.

Warm thanks to all the people who have worked in this prototype:
Martin Dougiamas
Frédéric Massart
Barbara Ramiro
Daniel Palou

We look forward to presenting this to the community of users later in the year, progressing the mobile learning from Moodle sites.

Waiting for your feedback, Juan

If you’re interested in learning more about Ionic as a framework visit


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